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Open Studio: Art as Therapy

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Young Adults

Art can be a powerful therapeutic tool - promoting personal growth, exploration, expression, and healing. Using art as therapy can empower people to share their stories in a creative way, set personal goals for self-care, explore their personal narratives, promote mindfulness and presence, and more.

That's why Carmel is hosting 3 Open Studio sessions designed to give young adults aged 16-35 the space to harness the benefits of Art as Therapy. Join us!

These 3 workshops will use the model of an open studio – you don’t have to commit to all 3 sessions, and it will be open for drop-ins. The open studio model is an different approach than traditional art therapy; it provides participants with a flexible and self-directed space for creative expression. Art supplies will be provided on-site for participants to use, but artists are also welcome to bring personal items for their own use if they wish.

Important question: "How is this different than traditional art therapy?"

Unlike traditional art therapy sessions, where participants work on specific therapeutic goals or themes guided by a therapist, the open studio model encourages participants to do creative expression and exploration freely and independently within a supportive environment.

English Speaking

Hebrew Speaking


Registrants may attend all sessions.

Tuesday, May 7
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, May 14
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, May 21
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT


  • L'Annexe: the Ometz Centre for Young Adults
    5400 Av de Westbury
    Montréal, QC, H3Y 2W8, Canada

  • at L'Annexe, on the 2nd floor of the YM-YWHA

Organized By
Point of Contact

Carmel Sudry-Chekanov

  • Tue, May 7 - Tue, 21
  • Multiple Days

L'Annexe: the Ometz Centre for Young Adults

5400 Av de Westbury
Montréal, QC, H3Y 2W8

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