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"Black Hole Radio" Book Launch

Hosted by Jewish Public Library

Book Club
Science Fiction
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  • Sat, Jul 24
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
  • Online event



Science Fiction

Special Guest

English Speaking


Book launch with Montreal author and librarian Ann Birdgenaw! An evening of books and sci fi for kids, teens and space-loving adults.

Do you believe in black holes, wormholes, wrinkles in time? Are you interested in space travel and alien encounters that lead to amazing adventures? If not, do not open this book. If yes, get ready for a fun-filled adventure to thrill your imagination.

Fifth-graders Hawk and his best friend Matt are fascinated by outer space and its mysteries. They even have their very own space-club. Little do the boys know that they are about to get a closer look at other galaxies and universes beyond their wildest imaginations. A radio left behind by Hawk's grandfather opens a wormhole to outerspace - one through which the two fifth-graders are transported to a planetoid in a far-off galaxy. But can our heroes defeat the Boogers from Boogernaut and learn how to deal with their own bully at school? Stay tuned to Black Hole Radio!

Space kit available for pickup at the JPL and Babar Books. 

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