Coffee Press: Ukraine, Russia, Israel: A Delicate Balance

Hosted by Jewish Federation Israel and Overseas


  • Sun, Mar 20
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
  • Online event


The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has placed Israel in a role as a possible negotiator on the international stage; a status that is quite foreign to the Jewish state. Why is Israel being asked to potentially negotiate? What should Israel's stand on the conflict be?

Join us for a deep dive in a conversation with Alon Pinkus, a prominent Israeli diplomat and journalist, on the current realities facing Israel in the Ukraine conflict.

Grab some java and let’s talk at our March Coffee Press event, a cup of current affairs in Israel.


More about our guest:

Alon Pinkas will be joining us live from Israel. Alon is senior writer on Israeli and American politics for Haaretz, and former Israel consul general to New York and foreign policy adviser to multiple foreign and prime ministers.

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