Beyond Motivation

Hosted by GenMTL

Virtual Experience
Health & Wellness
Young Adults

  • Wed, May 12
  • 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM EDT
  • Online event


Learn how to be your best self with GenMTL’s virtual Feel Good Do Good series. Take care of your physical and mental health from the comfort of your own home with classes from local fitness and wellness professionals across our community.

Everyone deserves to feel good! Join us for our first wellness session with precision nutrition coach and certified personal trainer Ryan Schwartz. Learn about how healthy eating and self-love go hand-in-hand in this inspirational talk and Q&A. Ryan will motivate and empower you to get healthy, so you can live your best life—happy and fulfilled.

With the goal of feeling good both mentally and physically, Ryan has kept off 100 pounds for almost 20 years. With a passion to help others conquer male body image issues, orthorexia, and anxiety, along with a mission to debunk dieting myths and misinformation, he believes that health and a positive mindset should be the goal for long-term success. Following a simple plan of 80 percent consistency combined with 20 percent flexibility, Ryan is confident that everyone can get healthy the right way!

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*All proceeds from this event will go towards Federation CJA’s Community Recovery and Resilience 2021 Campaign.


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