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Rooted in the Jewish values of community, education and giving, GenMTL offers innovative and meaningful experiences that speak to you.

We are a generation that is free to explore and express ourselves. Just like the generations before us, we seek to find our place in this world. To honor our traditions while creating our own. To experience what it means to be Jewish and express what it means to be Montrealers. We are creators, givers, seekers, and builders. And no matter where our road takes us, Montreal is our home. It is the responsibility of this generation to embody its Jewish values with openness and pride. And though we’re grounded in our roots, we must also seek to invite others into our lives. Reaching out within our community, and beyond it as well. Rethinking what community means, and coming together to unite and inspire.

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Federation CJA
Richter Jewish Chamber of Commerce
Honeymoon Israel
Birthright Israel Montreal
March of the Living