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Museum of Jewish Montreal

The Museum of Jewish Montreal is an innovative place to connect with Montreal’s Jewish life and identity, share our diverse heritage and create new cultural experiences.

Founded in 2010, our Museum's activities include walking tours of historic Jewish neighbourhoods and buildings, cultural events and food programming, contemporary art exhibitions, student fellowships, community engagement initiatives, online exhibits, and an oral history collection. In 2016 we opened a storefront project space, which became a thriving hub for young members of our community to gather and experiment with Jewish arts & culture, along with increasingly diverse audiences and organizational partners. Our Museum provides young Jewish adults with the building blocks to create lifelong connections with Jewish culture, while giving them a place where they can take ownership of and connect to their own contemporary Jewish identities in creative and accessible ways. We seek to inspire our audiences to help create a local ecosystem of Jewish arts and culture in Montreal through new Jewish cultural experiences. By offering opportunities to preserve, explore, and share components of Montreal's diverse Jewish history, heritage, and knowledge, our Museum also aims to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of Montreal’s Jewish life and culture.

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